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A People-Powered Campaign

I just finished my first round of knocking doors for this primary. It was a beautiful day here in Cumberland County - sunny, low 60s, light breeze. The perfect day for talking with neighbors about the issues that matter most.

Whether it’s combating poverty or investing in our schools or promoting jobs and opportunities or just making through the next shift, until the next paycheck, until the current deployment ends, folks have a lot on their minds. So I wanted to share with you three ways our campaign is people-powered:

  • First, as Vice President Harris loves to say, it is for the people. The doors I knocked today were humble and grand, belonging to people just arrived and with roots in the area reaching back generations. I am running to represent everyone in our district.

  • Second, our campaign wouldn’t have accomplished nearly as much this afternoon without the rockstar volunteers who joined me in knocking doors. They amplified our impact and I couldn’t be more grateful.

  • Finally, our campaign operations are fueled by the people. I don’t take money from fossil fuel PACs. Duke Energy runs ads against me. And that’s okay, because it gives me the freedom to stand alongside my neighbors here in Cumberland County and fight for what’s right.

So I just wanted to say THANK YOU for supporting our people-powered campaign.


(You can always contribute here. Every little bit helps.)

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