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Double Endorsement Day!

Endorsements are a big deal in primaries, especially when there are three or more candidates. So it's exciting and an honor to receive one.

Last Monday I received two.

Conservation PAC recognized me as one of North Carolina's "stoutest environmental champions." I am the only non-incumbent to be part of their first round of endorsements.

Carolina Forward, which already identified our House District as "highly competitive," endorsed me as part of their official 2022 slate to support "bold, new progressive leadership" that will protect Governor Cooper's veto and "get North Carolina back on track."

Eastern Cumberland County and Fayetteville alike face a collection of overlapping challenges, including underfunded schools, high costs for homes, apartments, healthcare, and internet, and the continuing threat from GenX pollution and outdated energy supplies and regulations. I am honored to be recognized by these organizations as someone who is fighting for all of us. Support our campaign here!

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